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Ready For Launch

September 8, 2009

Hello, hello and hello. This is the Super Secret Space Base. Glad you found us. You can leave your astro-boots by the door there.

I’m Dave, the other captain of this webspace and a carnivore (I’m eating a piece of meat as I type this). Now that I’ve alienated any potential vegetarian readers, I just want to say that we’ve got a lot of great things planned for this blog and I for one am quite excited to see it come into fruition.

As my co-pilot Ryan has said, we shall be covering all manner of nerd type things in a way that is non-threatening (yes, nerds can be rather frightening) and yet embracing of nerd-like ways (we are nerds after all). So whether you are nerd or not, there will be topics of interest to you.

If nothing else, this blog will at least be another excuse for me to procrastinate on important things like homework.


Hello world!

September 8, 2009

Hi. Welcome to Super Secret Space Base, the generally excellent (hopefully) blog of one @ryanruppe (your humble poster) and one @thetrouseredape. We’re friends in a roundabout, his sister knows my wife kind of way, and though we had met in passing previously, we’ve not met “IRL” since we became “friends” on the “internet”.

Anyway, the goal for this particular reverse-date-ordered group of text files/imgs/whathaveyou is as follows:

General media criticism, with a focus on “*-nerd” type things. Not in a geeky/nerds are cool now kind of way (though not necessarily against that), but in a {film-nerd, tv-nerd, music-nerd, animation-nerd} kind of way, with a goal to help those of you who aren’t nerds in those areas to get a leg up in the *-nerd competition (I contend that such a thing exists).

Key features will likely involve humor in combination with film, television, music, and comic books (see what I mean about not being anti-geek?).

Typical postings will be hopefully less explanatorily verbose (with fewer fake words). The fault for this one can be directed to the late David Foster Wallace via those internet people reading his book at and #infsum.

* the star or asterisk is typically used on computers as a placeholder to represent any text string. Now you know.