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iPod: Primary Computer?

September 25, 2009

Since Apple introduced their insanely popular iPhone and iPod touch, I have been envious of my friends who were able to afford the stupid things. I am an intensely poor college student so the latest and greatest technological wonder has been out of my reach for a while.

Then, not long ago, my wallet was getting a bit fatter (having a good paying job always helps) so the possibility of owning at least the iPod (I’m contracted with another phone company and I wanted more than a handful of gigabytes) was becoming a reality. But there was a problem: the highest amount of gigabytes the iPod had was a measly 32. This would not do.

I currently have nearly 60 gigs of music so the thought of having to shave that in half to be able to put something on the iPod was daunting and not very comfortable. That’s not even including any photos, videos and apps that I may want to put on there. So I waited.

Earleir this month, Apple upgraded their iPod lineup and one of those upgrades was a hike up to 64 gigs for the iPod touch. I knew that it was time to drop the cash and scoop one up.

So I did.

I noticed that in their advertising, Apple is claiming that the iPod touch is a pocket computer. I decided to take on a task that no one who wasn’t battling a virus on his primary computer would ever take on! I would attempt to use my iPod as my primary computer.

How has the experience been so far?

The iPod touch is a capable enough browser although having to almost constantly zoom in and out is rather annoying. That and not being able to watch the latest reviews or anything in flash for that matter. There are a number of problems you’ll run into during your casual browsing sessions but it does better than most mobile browsing that I’ve seen.

Typing? Not that bad actually. You could say that I’ve been preparing for this by frequnt texting but it’s actually quite a bit different and easier than that. The word corrector is a big help as well although I couldn’t imagine trying to type an entire essay on this thing.

There are a ton of useful and spiffy apps here too. That’s what most people buy these things for anyway. Through apps, you can make reservations at resturaunts, keep track of your daily nutritional intake, or read an electronic copy of Paradise Lost.

While a great, ultra-portable addition to your computer, the iPod is not really a replacement for the computer just yet. Which Apple never really claimed it could do. They actually pretty much said exactly what I’m saying. Why am I writing this again?

Oh, did I mention that this entire post was written on my iPod using a wordpress app?

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